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Information on whakapapa, how to work with whakapapa, resources for finding information, indexes, lists of names and links all pertaining to whakapapa - genealogy in one easy to use place.
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Changes to the Whakapapa Club
Posted By: poutokomanawa on: 12-10-2017 21:21
Kia ora, I like the new look of the Whakapapa Club. Just wondering if you realise that the page ...
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HONA/ TE NGATETE: Trying to find his ancestors
Posted By: Kotiromaori on: 08-10-2017 19:06
Kia ora Am trying to fill in some gaps in my family tree So far it goes like this Hori Te ngatet...
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Te Omereni Whakapapa
Posted By: igetkrunkent on: 08-10-2017 19:04
Kia Ora I am looking for my ancestress whakapapa her name was Te Omereni who married Kiritapu Te Ko...
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Whakapapa charts
Posted By: Ngamotu34 on: 08-10-2017 18:56
I belong to which is a free site & have printed a few charts for whanau & friends. ...
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Posted By: sunny on: 08-10-2017 18:55
Terewhare. I am searching for this man, this name, Terewhare is in my whakapapa, however, I have ...
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Easy Way to do a Whakapapa Search on Google
Posted By: poutokomanawa on: 05-10-2017 03:25
Kia ora, One frustrating thing about searching for whakapapa on Google is that you often get a whol...
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TE PUTU Whanau
Posted By: sharonrih on: 05-10-2017 00:49
Looking for information about my GGG Grandmother [b]Te Putu, Rititia[/b]. Rititia married Matiaha Ran...
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NEW List of Marriages 1904 - 1922 Added
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List of marriages published by the New Zealand Registrar-General's Office between 1904 and 1922 have been added at the Whakapapa Club.These records contain the year, tane (groom) and wahine (bride).

Marriages 1904 - 1922

367 Records

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